10th October 2010

US Embassy

Grosvenor Square




We welcomed friends old and new from across the UK. The speakers who spoke all gave an emotional and strong message within their speeches.


The day opened up with Gabi Uhr speaking about her feelings towards the Death Penalty and how after witnessing 2 executions it has affected her opinion and attitude towards the use of the Death Penalty. Gabi also sang some very moving and emotional songs.


Juan Melendez spoke of his 17 years on Florida Death Row. He spoke of how he felt watching his friends being taken from him andexecuted. He described how the electricity would hum when a man was being executed in the chair.


Susanna Cardona spoke of her opinion and feelings off the Death Penalty. Emotional and wrenching speech from her heart.


Michael Obrien spoke of his 11 years in prison, wrongfully convicted of murder. Michael spoke of his fears that if the UK still had capital punishment then he would have been executed….WRONGFULLY.


Judi Caruso passionately spoke of how the State of New Mexico abolished the Death Penalty and how much hard work it took.


Bente Hjortshoj spoke of her dear friend Gregg Wright who she witnessed being executed by the State of Texas.


Connie Wright give a speech full of emotion. Connie described the final hours of her husband Gregg Wrights life. Until next time where the final exchange of words between man and wife. Those words will stay with me forever.


We released balloons in memory of the victims of crime, the executed, the families and the exonerated.


We all had a great day and again many friendships where formed which will last a life time.


We thank you all for attending and look forward to seeing you all next year.


We at VFDRI would like to extend our warmest thanks to C.L.Walker who as a professional photographer gave her services to us free of charge. Thank you for your donation of time and thak you for the amazing photographs.


All the videos of the speeches made on 10-10-10 can be found on You Tube.


Gabi Uhl

Part one:

Part two:


Juan Melendez


Susanne Cardonna

Part one:

Part two:


Bente Hjortshoj