The Murdered

The list below which continues to grow, shows those who have been murdered


01/07/1988,Robert Streetman,TX,Lethal Injection
09/21/1987,Timothy McCorquodale,GA,Electrocution
09/10/1987,Joseph Starvaggi,TX,Lethal Injection
09/01/1987,Billy Mitchell,GA,Electrocution
08/28/1987,Dale Pierre Selby,UT,Lethal Injection
08/28/1987,Wayne Ritter,AL,Electrocution
08/28/1987,Beauford White,FL,Electrocution
08/24/1987,Sterling Rault,LA,Electrocution
07/30/1987,John Brogdon,LA,Electrocution
07/24/1987,Willie Watson,LA,Electrocution
07/20/1987,Willie Celestine,LA,Electrocution
07/08/1987,Connie Ray Evans,MS,Gas Chamber
07/08/1987,John R.Thompson,TX,Lethal Injection
07/06/1987,Richard Whitley,VA,Electrocution
06/24/1987,Elliott Johnson,TX,Lethal Injection
06/16/1987,Jimmy Wingo,LA,Electrocution
06/12/1987,Jimmy Glass,LA,Electrocution
06/09/1987,Alvin Moore,LA,Electrocution
06/07/1987,Benjamin Berry,LA,Electrocution
05/29/1987,William Boyd Tucker,GA,Electrocution
05/28/1987,Anthony Williams,TX,Lethal Injection
05/22/1987,Richard Tucker,GA,Electrocution
05/20/1987,Edward Earl Johnson,MS,Gas Chamber
05/15/1987,Joseph Mulligan,GA,Electrocution
03/04/1987,Elisio Moreno,TX,Lethal Injection
01/30/1987,Ramon Hernandez,TX,Lethal Injection
12/18/1986,Richard Andrade,TX,Lethal Injection
12/04/1986,Michael Wayne Evans,TX,Lethal Injection
09/19/1986,John Rook,NC,Lethal Injection
08/26/1986,Chester Wicker,TX,Lethal Injection
08/22/1986,Larry Smith,TX,Lethal Injection
08/20/1986,Randy Woolls,TX,Lethal Injection
07/31/1986,Michael Smith,VA,Electrocution
06/24/1986,Jerome Bowden,GA,Electrocution
06/19/1986,Kenneth Brock,TX,Lethal Injection
06/09/1986,Rudy Esquivel,TX,Lethal Injection
05/20/1986,Ronald Straight,FL,Electrocution
05/15/1986,Jay Pinkerton,TX,Lethal Injection
04/22/1986,David Funchess,FL,Electrocution
04/16/1986,Jeffrey Allen Barney,TX,Lethal Injection
04/15/1986,Daniel Thomas,FL,Electrocution
03/21/1986,Arthur Lee Jones,AL,Electrocution
03/12/1986,Charles William Bass,TX,Lethal Injection
01/10/1986,James Terry Roach,SC,Electrocution
12/06/1985,Carroll Cole,NV,Lethal Injection
10/16/1985,William Vandiver,IN,Electrocution
09/11/1985,Charles Rumbaugh,TX,Lethal Injection
07/09/1985, Henry Martinez Porter, TX, Lethal Injection
06/25/1985, Morris Mason, VA, Electrocution
06/25/1985, Charles Milton, TX, Lethal Injection
05/29/1985, Marvin Francois, FL, Electrocution
05/15/1985, Jesse de la Rosa, TX, Lethal Injection
04/18/1985, James Briley, VA, Electrocution
03/20/1985, John Young, GA, Electrocution
03/13/1985, Stephen Peter Morin, TX, Lethal Injection
03/06/1985, Johnny Paul Witt, FL, Electrocution
02/20/1985, Van Roosevelt Solomon, GA, Electrocution
01/30/1985, James Raulerson, FL, Electrocution
01/16/1985, Doyle Skillern, TX, Lethal Injection
01/11/1985, Joseph Carl Shaw, SC, Electrocution
01/09/1985, Roosevelt Green, GA, Electrocution
01/04/1985, David Martin, LA, Electrocution
12/28/1984, Robert Lee Willie, LA, Electrocution
12/12/1984, Alpha Otis Stephens, GA, Electrocution
11/08/1984, Timothy Palmes, FL, Electrocution
11/02/1984, Velma Barfield ƒ, NC, Lethal Injection
10/30/1984, Thomas Barefoot, TX, Lethal Injection
10/30/1984, Ernest Knighton, LA, Electrocution
10/12/1984, Linwood Briley, VA, Electrocution
09/20/1984, James Dupree Henry, FL, Electrocution
09/10/1984, Timothy Baldwin, LA, Electrocution
09/07/1984, Ernest Dobbert, FL, Electrocution
07/13/1984, David Washington, FL, Electrocution
07/12/1984, Ivon Stanley, GA, Electrocution
06/20/1984, Carl Shriner, FL, Electrocution
05/10/1984, James Adams, FL, Electrocution
04/05/1984, Arthur Goode, FL, Electrocution
04/05/1984, Elmo Sonnier, LA, Electrocution
03/31/1984, Ronald O'Bryan, TX, Lethal Injection
03/16/1984, James Hutchins, NC, Lethal Injection
03/14/1984, James Autry, TX, Lethal Injection
02/29/1984, John Taylor, LA, Electrocution
01/26/1984, Anthony Antone, FL, Electrocution
12/15/1983, John Eldon Smith, GA, Electrocution
12/14/1983, Robert Wayne Williams, LA, Electrocution
11/30/1983, Robert Sullivan, FL, Electrocution
09/02/1983, Jimmy Lee Gray, MS, Gas Chamber
04/22/1983, John Evans, AL, Electrocution
12/07/1982, Charlie Brooks ,TX, Lethal Injection
08/10/1982, Frank Coppola, VA, Electrocution
03/09/1981, Steven Judy, IN, Electrocution
10/22/1979, Jesse Bishop, NV, Gas Chamber
05/25/1979, John Spenkelink, FL, Electrocution
01/17/1977, Gary Gilmore, UT, Firing Squad