Who We Are

Voices for Death Row Inmates was set up by 3 friends back in 2009 and we all actively take part in promoting the abolishment of the Death Penalty. Not only in the US but around the world. We all have an extensive knowledge of the Death Penalty. We all communicate with people who sit on Death Row. We as a group know that what we are doing through our efforts to educate & be a voice will not bring an end to the Death Penalty, but we do hope that we can spread the message that the World does not agree with State-sanctioned murder. We hope that by letting the world know about the injustices that DO happen then we can remind those on the “inside” that we have not forgotten them.


Imagine being held in a cage for up to 23 hrs a day. No TV, no radio, nothing to do except prepare yourself for your own murder. The only human contact you will have is when the guards place the shackles on your wrists and ankles. You have to sit behind a 5 inch piece of reinforced glass in a cage of steel; on the other side of the glass are your loved ones. You cannot touch them, nor feel their touch upon you. Your meals are basic, often cold and inadequate. You’re lonely, nothing to do except stare to the heavens hoping that the Courts will not murder you. Knowing as each day passes your date for yourmurder is getting closer. You watch as your friends are taken, one by one, to their deaths and all you can do is sit back and say goodbye, knowing that one day it will be you they are saying goodbye to. You have to put up with the hatred and bullying of the guards. Enduring years of weekly, sometimes daily, shakedowns initiated by nothing more than a rumour, designed to take what is precious to you. The guards stop you being able to receive and send mail, your limited phone calls are stopped, and your visits are blocked.


All the time sat getting closer to your death. These are HORRENDOUS thoughts, but imagine now if you where innocent of the crimes!!!!! The way the State wants to murder you is sat going round and round in your head. You know the that Texas legislation has banned Veterinarians from putting animals down using the 3 drug cocktail as its deemed to cause to much pain and suffering to the animals but they deem it safe to be put in to you to murder you. You know that the next time your family can feel your skin and hold you is after your pronounced dead. Guilty or not guilty, no man or woman should be held in these conditions nor should they be murdered in such an in-humane way.


As British people who do not have the Death Penalty in our countries, we should stand tall with our fellow humans and show them that we have not forgotten them, we will fight for them, we will talk for them, WE WILL MAKE THEIR VOICES HEARD THROUGH US!!!!